Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Post Test - 12

                                                                          MY HOLIDAY!!!!
Karindra Duhita Anindyaguna (12) 
My Last Holiday was so fun!
I went to Solo for vacation and actually, it was a culinary visit with my all big family!
The first day, there was a traffic jam when we were on the way to Solo.
We went to Solo at 10.00 a.m and we got there at 15.00 p.m
we got there and we checked in.
When dinner, we decided to when at Dim Sum Restaurant called Festival Dim Sum Restaurant.
That was the best Dim Sum I ever tested in my whole life!
For the 2nd day, we decided to had a lunch at ‘Soto Gading’ .
That Soto was so delicious too!!!
And, after we had a lunch we visited our uncle and his wife and also his son that live in Solo.
We really missed them!
And, we decided to buy a souvenir, traditional food in Solo etc.
For the 3rd day, we had to back to our home.
That was so tiring, but it’s so fun!
Spent my holiday with my all big family!

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